An Overview Of The Milwaukee To Muskegon Ferry

Back in 2004, a ferry transit system was implemented in the city of Milwaukee. It allowed people to travel from Milwaukee in Wisconsin, across Lake Michigan, all the way to Muskegon in Michigan. This was greatly anticipated, and has become a very successful endeavor. It allows people to save an incredible amount of time, allowing them to get from one city to the other in just about two and one half hours. Here is an overview of the Milwaukee to Muskegon ferry, one of the best ideas that has ever occurred in the states of both Wisconsin and Michigan.

Milwaukee To Muskegon Ferry

This is technically called the Lake Express ferry system, a high-speed ferry that is the very first passenger and automobile ferry to exist in this region. There are actually two ferry rides that occur every day, and three during the summer. The ferries are actually catamarans, made of aluminum, and they were built at Austal USA. The ship building facility was actually located in Mobile Alabama, and once they were built, the ferry service was launched March 20th and began to take passengers on June 1 of the same year.

How Fast Can They Go?

A common question that many people ask is how fast can these catamarans actually go and the answer is quite astounding. Despite the fact that they are able to carry 46 passenger vehicles, 248 people, and 12 motorcycles, it can actually reach speeds of 40 miles per hour. It is a high-tech catamaran, one that uses a self actuating computerize system that controls everything from port to port. There is also a state-of-the-art radar system that is built into the vessel, making this one of the safest vessels on Lake Michigan that operates. It utilizes global positioning satellite technology so that it will always be on track, and there are monitoring systems to keep track of the engines as they go along. It is actually driven by 3000 horsepower engines and Kamewa water jets, allowing it to be propelled through the water at these high speeds. Given that the vessel actually ways almost 150 times, it is hard to believe that it can make a one-way trip in 2.5 hours. This is actually very fast in comparison to what it would take a person driving from Milwaukee to Muskegon, a trip that would take them directly through Chicago, making the trip a minimum of 4.5 hours.

How Can You Plan A Trip?

It is actually extremely easy to book a trip from one city to the other. You simply go to the website, you create an account on the site, and this will allow you to find out when the trips are leaving, and allow you to book either a one-way trip, or a round-trip, depending upon what you want to do. You can choose a trip from Milwaukee to Muskegon, or vice a versa, and then you will choose how many seats that you need. You will put the number of cars or motorcycles that you are bringing, and if you are taking children that are 12 and under, and then select the departure and the return date. You can then look at the plans and prices that are available in order to find out how much you will have to pay. If you would prefer, there is actually a toll-free number that is designed for people that would prefer setting the reservation using the friendly customer service representatives that can do this for you.

What Is The Daily Schedule Like?

If you would like to book a trip from one city to the other, you can look at the spring, summer and fall schedules that are available online. They typically depart at 6am in the morning, starting in Milwaukee, and will arrive at 9:30am on the other side. This continues on only twice during the spring and fall, with one additional ride in the summer, ending at 12:30am. Based upon the schedule, you will be able to plan when you should arrive in either city, and schedule your departure so that you can cross the lake for business or leisure purposes using the Milwaukee to Muskegon ferry.

Once you have arrived in Milwaukee or Muskegon, you might want to take a trip to either city. This is very true if you are a tourist, and if you are driving a rental car, this is a great way to save time to visit either city. Lake Express is a service that many people enjoy, and it is perfect for residents in both cities. It allows people to save time, and because they are able to bring their vehicles with them, it allows them to do their shopping in either city, or go to a meeting for their company, without having to worry about the drive. Even better, if you have not prepared for your meeting, you can simply sit for the entire ride and do your work. There is really nothing better than getting shuttled across Lake Michigan using the high-tech catamarans of Lake Express.