Chris Cornell – Acoustic – Milwaukee 4.23.11 Filmed From Stage! 70 Min (Great Audio)

Chris Cornell – Solo Acoustic 4.23.11
Pabst Theater – Milwaukee, Wi

Filmed with my Canon camera resting on the front of the stage!
Synched with Schoeps Audio source recorded from the front row of the balcony!

I was unable to film the entire show with security so close, but I filmed 14 songs (70:13) with all songs complete except “Call Me A Dog” and “Blow Up The Outside” missing the beginnings. The entire audio was recorded successfully by my brother.

1. Can’t Change Me
2. Call Me A Dog
3. Sunshower
4. Fell On Black Days
5. Blow Up The Outside World
6. I Am The Highway
7. Seasons
8. All Night Thing
9. Man Of Golden Words / Comf. Numb
10. Say Hello To Heaven
11. Mind Riot
12. Like Suicide
13. HungerStrike
14. Black Hole Sun

Running Time 70:13

This was an awesome show and performance by Chris. The theater was all seated other than a few rows directly in front of the stage. Those who were in line earliest were able to stand up against the stage or in a small pit area. I had my old Canon still camera with me to take pictures, and was able to hide it inside my sweatshirt and rest it on the stage and film the majority of the show this way. My brother had a prime location in the front row of the balcony to record audio to avoid crowd noise, or at least to only pick up minimal or ambient noise.

My wife had requested “Blow Up The Outside” to be played and made Chris a shirt with it’s title on it, which is seen on the video, and we also requested “HungerStrike” to be played. He played both songs and replied ” I should get some shorts for playing “HugerStrike” He has always been so great with the crowd and with song requests over the years!

Although this footage is not in HD and a little grainy, it is pretty steady and extremely intimate. With the additional audio source I believe it captures this tour well. I hope you enjoy watching it! I know it brings me back when do!

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