Milwaukee Road 261: The High Iron Comeback

In September of 2008, Milwaukee Road steam locomotive #261 became cold and silent temporarily in order to begin the 15 year FRA rebuild and boiler re-certification. It was a rebuild that almost left the big Northern silent and cold permanently. In May of 2013; after four long years of negotiations, changes in ownership, blood, sweat and tears, the renown excursion star cheats death once again as it takes to the rails for a two-day excursion from Minneapolis to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum in Duluth and return!

Midwest Zephyr Media was there to capture both days of mainline steam action along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway’s Hinckley Subdivision. Also included is the history of the locomotive, an in-depth look at the 14-car train, and BNSF freight traffic filmed along the right-away. The biggest addition to this program is the appearance of Duluth based; SOO Line 2719! The 1923 Pacific was steamed up to take part in this historic event; including leading a dinner train on the North Shore Scenic Railroad.

It’s all this and more in this one-hour presentation as Milwaukee Road 261 makes her comeback on the high iron!

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Railroading Heritage of Midwest America and the Friends of the 261:

Lake Superior Railroad Museum:

North Shore Scenic Railroad:

The Narrator, Trevor Palczynski:


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