NEW Milwaukee Tool Soft Storage Bags- First Look

The new 24” HardTop™ Rolling Bag and 18” Jobsite Rolling Bag are designed to provide the most durability and ultimate versatility. Constructed with 6” all-terrain metal rimmed wheels, the industry’s strongest extendable handle, and reinforced metal skid plates these rolling bags can withstand even the harshest jobsite conditions. The 24” can hold up to 250lbs, while the 18” has a weight capacity of 200lbs.

Milwaukee’s Bucket Organizer Wrap fits entirely around the outside of the bucket, freeing the space inside the bucket and allowing bucket lids to be used. Integrated zipper pockets along the wrap provide easy storage for larger sized tools (such as batteries) and loose accessories, while 30 additional pockets give the user the convenience to store a wide assortment of hand tools and materials.

Milwaukee constructed its new Parachute Organizer Bag with the ability to ‘stand up, stay open’ for full and easy access to all of the bag’s contents, while an external zipper pocket provides quick access to hand tools, bits and other accessories. Designed with stacking in mind, users have the added benefit of being able to easily carry multiple bags at once.

The Jobsite Tech Bag is designed from the ground-up to address the needs of professionals who need a secure place to store and transport their tools, as well as their technology, while on the jobsite.

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