Snap-on -VS- Milwaukee ( CT8850 / M18 FUEL 2763) 1/2′ Cordless Impact Wrenches

After we posted the Snap-on -vs- Earthquake XT video — a lot of you have requested that we make a comparison of the Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2763 -vs- Snap-on CT8850.

You wished — we delivered!

Pulling out the trusty credit card, we bought one of the Snap-on CT8850 impacts brand new in order to complete this head-to-head testing and comparison against the Milwaukee M18 FUEL.

In this video we show you the differences side-by-side & complete extensive torque testing to prove once and for all —- which one is more powerful!

Leave a comment below & let everyone know which impact you like more…..and if you own either of these, let people know if you have had problems with them.

Stay tuned…..many more great videos like this coming up!

Get the Milwaukee 2763 @ Amazon here —

Get the Snap-on CT8850 @ Snap-on here —

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