The History Of Lake Express LLC

If you live in Wisconsin, specifically in or around Milwaukee, and you would like to travel to Michigan on the other side of the lake, instead of driving down the 94 through Kenosha and Chicago, you might want to consider using the Lake Express ferry service. The same is true for people that are located in and around Muskegon in Michigan. This is where the other terminal is located. Providing this ferry service makes it possible for people in Michigan to bypass the 31, and simply take a ferry ride over Lake Michigan. Here is a history of Lake Express, how it got started, and why you might want to consider this as your primary conduit between these two states.

History Of Lake Express?

This is a business that was started back in 2004, one that realized that there was a definite need for people that needed to travel in between Wisconsin and Michigan, one that could help people save a couple hours on their trip over to the other side. Both the Milwaukee and Muskegon are located on the shores of Lake Michigan, making this a perfect place to build ports and terminals for this business. The trip across the lake will only last two and a half hours, and this can be very beneficial for people that make a regular commute. It can be very problematic when you are having to go through Chicago just to get to Michigan, and the boat ride over is going to be very pleasant by comparison.

An Overview Of The Ferries

These aluminum catamarans are state-of-the-art, able to reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. They have self actuating controls, making the entire vessel computerized, providing the smoothest ride possible. It uses radar, and has fire suppressant systems, plus a GPS navigation system built within. The engine rooms are constantly monitored, and they are powered by 3000 horsepower engines that drive water jets that propel the boat forward. They are capable of holding up to 248 passengers, 46 vehicles and 12 motorcycles. Let’s now look at how many trips across the lake actually occur every day and then how you can actually book your ferry ride online.

How Does The Business Work?

There are actually two round trips that are offered by this ferry service every single day, and there is also a third round trip that is offered when summer comes around. This is something that makes it very convenient for people that live in both cities, or even tourists that would prefer not having to make the four and a half hour drive, and instead enjoy a nice ferry ride across the lake. Some people have never been on Lake Michigan before, and because you can load your car on the ferry, you can drive it off when you get there and go to the many other destinations that are available, which makes the ferry ride one of the best ideas that has been created in this area of the United States in a long time. It takes great marketing to make a business like this successful.

Why People Use The Ferry

Aside from cutting down your travel time by almost half, and eliminating the hassle of dealing with traffic in Chicago, it’s also a fun way to spend time with family and friends if you happen to be visiting the area. It’s also perfect for people that are professionals that are trying to prepare perhaps for a meeting. Instead of having to waste your time driving at high speeds, just so you can get a few hours before your next presentation, you can do all of this work as you travel on the ferry. The company’s official name is Lake Express, LLC, a business that was started by the Lubar & Co. investment firm. Although it is officially headquarter in Milwaukee, you can always get information about the ferry rides by contacting either terminal.

How Do You Reserve A Ferry Ride?

The easiest way to do this is to go to their website and book your trip. There is a drop-down menu that you can use that will show you the different rides that are available which include both one way and round trip rides. You can then choose how many seats you will need, the number of cars or motorcycles that you are bringing, and then choose the departure and return date. You will need to create an account with Lake Express so that you can book your ferry ride, pay for it, and then use this same login if you decide to take additional rides in the future.

In conclusion, now that you know the history of Lake Express, you might want to give it a try.  If you would like to book a ferry ride across Lake Michigan, going either to or from Milwaukee or Muskegon, you can do all of this on the web and get ready for an excellent trip using their high-speed aluminum hulled catamarans. Whether you have business in either state, or if you are simply a tourist looking to travel to a different state and also experience a ride over Lake Michigan, this is a great way to experience all that these states have to offer, and a ferry ride that you will not soon forget.