The History Of Milwaukee Wisconsin

One of the most interesting cities in all of Wisconsin is actually the largest city in the state. It is the city of Milwaukee, one that has been popularized by many television shows and movies. It is actually the county seat, and the fifth largest city in all of the states in the Midwest. It is located on the southwest sure of the great Lake Michigan, and has a population of well over half a million people. Let’s take a look at the history of Milwaukee Wisconsin, so that you can see how this very large city had extremely humble beginnings.

History Of Milwaukee Wisconsin

This area was originally inhabited, like most of the United States, by American Indians. Some of the Indian tribes included the Potawatomi and the Fox tribe, and a vast majority of them lived up near Green Bay before moving into the area. It was in the 1800s that Europeans began to change everything, especially during the French and Indian war. Once American independence was achieved, this was really the beginning of the and of the tribes in that area, leading to an American settlement.

Demographics Of Milwaukee

Starting back in 1840, with a population of just under 2000, this community began to grow. It actually had a dramatic increase in population over the next 50 years, increasing to over 200,000. Today, there are 135,000 families that are in over 230,000 households. There are many school aged children living with their parents, over 30 percent of the population, with a median income for households at about $37,000 area most of the people. Today, there is an even number of both white and black people living in Milwaukee, with the remaining 20% of different nationalities. The primary religion encompasses both Catholics and Christians, although there is a small Jewish population.

Economy Of Milwaukee

The early economy of the city was based upon the fact that it was a port city which is where most people worked. With the advent of the railroad, this increased the number of jobs that were available, especially since there was access to the waterways. Milwaukee is also known for brewing beer, something that began back in 1850. Today the economy of Milwaukee is based upon many different industries including aerospace companies, and many Fortune 500 companies including Harley-Davidson, Joy Global, and Rockwell Automation.

What Can You Do In Milwaukee

Although the city does have many nightclubs and bars where people can frequent, it is also known for many cultural things of significance. There is quite a bit of art which is located at the Milwaukee Are Museum, and many other museums throughout the area, that display paintings and sculptures. There is also the Milwaukee Public Museum which is part of the natural science and history sector. There is also Discovery World, one of the largest museums that is simply dedicated to science that has hands-on exhibits, aquariums, and also digital theaters. There is a children’s Museum which is perfect for people that live in the city, and also visitors that come into the area that one something to do. In regard to social and cultural history, there is the Pabst Mansion which was owned by a tycoon, and a Holocaust Museum to honor those that were part of the terrors of World War II.

Different Types Of Food In Milwaukee

Another thing that Milwaukee is known for is the many different types of cuisine that come from so many different cultures. It is known for Mexican, India, French, Russian and even Japanese restaurants. Many famous chefs have come out of the area such as Sanford D’Amato, and it also has many different festivals such as the German Fast and the Summerfest, all of which celebrate a wide variety of cuisines including eye Italian and German food.

Outdoor Activities In Milwaukee

Other than going out on the lake, Milwaukee is known for having over 65 miles of bike lanes. This includes trails that people can go on which are adjacent to rivers and the lake. One of the most famous is the Oak Leaf Trail upon which people can run, hike, and also ride their bicycles. There are so many people that bicycle in this city, they have actually installed bicycle racks in front of the Milwaukee County Transit System and there is also a bicycle sharing system that is in place area

Today Milwaukee is one of the largest cities in the world, and the economy is still going strong. Although it had humble beginnings, it grew rapidly due to being a port city, and this was made even better by the railroad. Today, it is a city that is diverse in culture, and there are a multitude of different jobs that are always available. It is a unique city that everyone should visit at least once, and based upon this history of Milwaukee Wisconsin, you might want to consider visiting this beautiful city sometime in the near future.