Why To Choose Ferrys In Milwaukee

There are a number of reasons that people choose to take the ferrys in Milwaukee instead of driving and in this article you will learn about why this is and what options you have when doing so.  There really is one main option, which is known as the Lake Express, which is known to be the fastest option as of yet.  Read on to learn more about why this choice may be the right one for you.

The best thing about the Lake Express is that they are able to get you across Lake Michigan in just two and a half hours.  When you think of driving from Milwaukee to any point in Michigan it will take you at least twice that time.  Due to the fact that very few people enjoy sitting in a vehicle for hours, taking a ferry has become quite popular.  When you compound this with being able to avoid the traffic in both Milwaukee and Chicago, and even possibly some in Indiana, the benefits are clear.

One of the things that most people do not know is that they are able to bring their vehicle on the ferry.  While there is an additional charge for this service, you are saving your vehicle from wear and tear from driving in the city and of course preventing the risk of getting into an accident in the bumper to bumper mayhem that can exist in Chicago.  Top that off with not having to deal with the stress of driving in such an environment and choosing to take the ferry instead becomes very appealing.  There really is no reason to put yourself under that much stress when there is such an easy alternative at your disposal.

The fee for passengers is really quite affordable.  At as low as $59 per person, it is easy to see why people choose to go straight across to Michigan instead of taking the very long trip around.  It is important to remember that not only are you saving yourself time and from stress, but you are also gaining an experience.  It is not often that one is able to take a cruise across one of the largest lakes in the world.

Conveniently, there are a number of departure times available to make the trip fit into your vacation plans.  From April 29th to June 14th, which is the spring schedule, departure times from Milwaukee include 6:00 am, 10:15 am, 12:30 pm and 4:45 pm.  During the summer the schedule expands to include 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm.  The summer schedule runs until September 5th.  The fall schedule that runs until October 24 is the same as that of the spring schedule.

As of now, the port to which the Lake Express travels is to Muskegon. Like Milwaukee in Wisconsin, Muskegon is centrally located in Michigan, giving you the best access that all of Michigan has to offer.  In fact, Muskegon itself is a very popular travel destination for those that visit Michigan.

Some things that you should know about ferrys in Milwaukee is that it can be a very rough ride.  For most people this is a very enjoyable experience.  However, for those that happen to suffer from motion sickness it is not so pleasant.  Fortunately, if you know in advance that you are prone to what some call sea sickness, there are medications that you can obtain from your physician that can reduce of eliminate the chances that you will be affected by the waves.

If you have never ridden on one of the ferrys in Milwaukee you are missing out on quite the experience.  Often, those that give it a try once make the decision to use it as their means of travel anytime that they travel to Michigan.  Being able to experience the views of what appears to be the open sea when you live in the heart of America is really quite a blessing.  Many feel that having only the water in your view is both peaceful and exhilarating.  You get to experience what countless others have through history when Lake Michigan was once a major transportation hub traveled by countless sailors in past centuries.

If you are still unsure as to whether this is the right option for you, you should take some time to read about what others have reported about the trip.  It will give you first hand accounts about why they choose to take the ferry over traveling by car.  There is nothing better than knowing why so many choose this is their primary means of travel.

As you read above, there are many reasons that people choose to use the ferry option over driving.  Take some time to really think about the cost versus the benefits.  Chances are you will see why it has become so very popular.